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Stress, Anxiety & Depression
A little stress is a normal part of our daily lives, but when it gets harder and harder to get through the day  . . . when even everyday tasks seem impossible . . . we are here to help you. We will not only help you put your problems in perspective, we will show you how to be more successful by managing depression and stress effectively.

Relationship Problems
Even the strongest of relationships has it's problems. If the joy and love have left your relationship . . .  if you are arguing more and talking less . . . if you are thinking of calling it quits . . . talk to us. We will help you learn to communicate, to over-come conflicts and to reignite the spark that first drew you together.

Whether for pornography or eating disorders we can help. 

Trouble with Teens and Children
Raising a child or teenager is never easy. If your child has trouble with school or is "out of control", it is even harder. Our family counseling can help you stop blaming and start communicating. We can even help children with  Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. 

Emotional, Sexual & Physical Abuse
Whether it happened a few days ago or far back in your childhood, the affects of emotional, sexual and physical abuse can last a lifetime but you do not have to let the past control your life. We are here to listen, to give you compassion and understanding and to help you shut the door on the past . . .  end enjoy life again.

Business Consultation
Self-defeating behaviors cannot only hold individuals back from their full potential, but those behaviors can also keep your business from doing its best. Employee conflicts, anger problems and substance abuse problems can decrease productivity. We will help you identify how things are going wrong and how you continue to repeat the mistakes of the past. We will show how to identify and stop using these self-defeating behaviors, and how to apply and practice life oriented personal/job skills in your personal life and your employment or business.