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"I am dedicated to easing the psychological suffering caused by the ravages of depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and addiction. Our personalities can be badly damaged by early traumas and disrupted early attachments. I support people through the difficult process of healing and growth. My goal is to bring to bear any and all resources I can to help you move closer to the life you were created for."

Jeffrey Thompson, PhD, LMHC
"As your therapist I'm dedicated to being sensitive to the issues you face and make a personal commitment to help you identify and develope new skills to be more effective in your life.
You are  very valuable and deserve to have a safe and confidential place to share what you are going through."

Duane T. Dolliver, LMHC, MFT

Karen Trujillo, LMHCA

"Life is full of countless struggles.  I understand the courage it takes to engage in counseling and therefore strive to make every client feel comfortable, safe, empowered, and  unashamed to share his or her vulnerabilities.  You have immense value and worth in this life.  I would be honored to help you along your journey towards happiness and self-improvement."

Taylor Klein, LMHC
"Forging the nerve to come to counseling takes bravery. Life hands many individuals trying times that can bring us to the point of feeling that nothing can ease the pain, hurt, or confusion. I will work with you and develop a trusting therapeutic relationship so I can support, encourage, and guide you to find greater joy, delight and inner peace in life." 

Kendra Wagar, LMHCA

“Each individual encounters hardship in their lives, whether it be an isolated event or an ongoing problem. I want you to know that you are not alone and that I am here to help support you during this time in your life. Reaching out for help can be so difficult yet so rewarding.”

Carly Mankus, LICSW

We are thrilled that Karen is completing her Internship Site and will be rejoining our practice as a 
Clinical Psychologist with a Psy.D. in June of 2021.

The partners and staff of CCP mourn the passing of  our beloved Dr. Joy.

Words from Dr. Joy to you:
I have learned through this cancer journey that we are family; I am a part of yours and you are a part of my life. I have learned so much from you. I love you and am privileged to have had you in my life and practice. 

Please know that my love and care for is always.

With love, Dr. Joy.